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For the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots and in celebration of the ongoing partnership between Brooklyn Brewery and the Stonewall Inn, the new Stonewall Inn IPA is being launched in the UK.


As part of their ongoing commitment to supporting LGBTQ communities, Brooklyn Brewery and Bleecker Burger have partnered up with Improper, to provide a platform to engage with and support the community.


At a time of political uncertainty, when hard won rights and freedoms can feel precarious, it is vital to create welcoming environments for robust debate, as well as a space for reflection, camaraderie and friendship.

This campaign focused on activism - what are people doing in the LGBTQ community to activate. That can be everything from massive, legislation-changing campaigns to small, grassroots actions that make a big difference to people’s daily lives.


We want to celebrate those people - particularly the ones quietly going about their business - whilst also creating a call to action, helping our audience understand the part they play in making the world a better, kinder, safer place. 



At the heart of the campaign, we produced a series of events featuring people who are working to improve the lives of LGBTQ people through activism. From local community activists to poets and politicians, the aim of the series is to open up discussion and share experiences, all the while encouraging our audience to think more on what they can do to facilitate progress through positive action.

"I loved it - such a thought-provoking, inspiring group of speakers and a really excellent vibe. There is so much scope for this to grow and I'm genuinely excited for it. 
Things done brilliantly: The venue, the speakers, the branding, the topic, the food (obviously). Everything, really.

Melissa Thompson, Rage For Good attendee.


Historically and today, posters act as an important tool in forming social consciousness, creating networks and being immediately accessible. Posters showcase the power of words. We have all experienced this impact whilst walking down the street. It is this powerful impact that was the inspiration for us when creating the Rage For Good brand.

The poster has had an integral part to play in activism, a way of communicating demands especially at the grassroots level.


The series of talks planned for Rage For Good are centred around the small, grassroots LGBTQ organisations, therefore making sense to reflect that at the heart of the identity concept. The beauty of this rich seam is often in its bold simplicity…

… and disarming humour. 

In the poster campaign we used common and easily recognisable phrases around food, hospitality and wider UK culture and injected a healthy dose of LGBTQ humour. Like the events themselves, the campaign language helped create a welcoming and open space for light hearted organic discussion.

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