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Brief: To create an overarching umbrella brand campaign that would house the BNP Paribas' three main diversity festivals. This launched with International Women’s Week, shown in the NYC and New Jersey offices and across social media platforms.

We made a film and portrait series that was exhibited in March 2019 and accompanying an in-house programme of events and workshops

We wanted to go beyond the obvious and encourage people to think about their own collective and individual responsibility when it comes to standing shoulder to shoulder with  loved ones, friends and colleagues. It was also essential to keep the stories of BNP Paribas employees at the heart of the narrative.

We are all guilty of unconscious bias and small thoughtless actions that might affect the people around us. It is also much easier to call out others for their behaviour rather than examine our own thoughts and impulses.

How do we change workplace culture? How do we call out inappropriate and harmful attitudes? Change starts with the individual.

Although confronting sometimes uncomfortable issues, the themes of community,

pride and identity were integral to the Challenge Bias brand with strong references to the rich visual language of American culture. Each campaign was designed to tap into shared global progressive values, yet still retain a strong sense of local community.

All three festivals, International Women's Week, Pride Week and Multicultural Week featured a series of portraits and a short film, plus their own unique brand identity.

The campaigns were complementary to the BNP Paribas brand and we provided all logo design and social media assets. This ensured a strong and cohesive brand throughout, and across the Challenge Your Bias campaign


Using vibrant and colourful styling, the tone of this series was fresh, bright and assertive. The portraits reflect the integrity, strength and success of the women as well as highlighting their own individual proudest achievements.



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